Mrs. Monette's Day as a 6th Grade BMS Student
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Mrs. Monette & Riley Londraville
Mrs. Monette & Riley Londraville

This year the Ludlow Public School administrative team accepted the Shadow a Student Challenge, a campaign that asks school leaders to follow a student during their entire school day to learn alittle about life on the other side. According to their website, organizers explain the challenge “is a fun, illuminating, and supportive journey where school leaders come together to empathize with their students and take new kinds of action at their school.”

At the start of a typical school day, Baird Middle School Principal, Mrs. Stacy Monette, is  welcoming students at the entrance of the school as they exit their buses, eager to begin their day of learning. On a recent Monday, however, Monette turned in her principal responsibilities and stepped into the role of a student;  finding herself exiting a bus and entering school as a 6th grade student.

Monette explained that she chose to shadow a 6th grader on the Mariner team, Riley Londraville.  “I chose Riley because she has shared a smile and friendly greeting each morning since my very first day here at Baird,” explained Monette. “ She is a conscientious student who is well liked by her peers and teachers.”

Monette’s day as a student began with a double math block in Mr. Greg Therrien’s class.  Many teachers might feel a bit intimidated by the prospect of having their principal, turned student, spend time in their classroom but Therrien said he enjoyed the experience, explaining, “This was perfect for Stacy; she embraced every part of the experience.  She was literally a student for the day - trying to figure out what we were doing, what the routines of the classroom were and just focusing on keeping up with the other students.  I thought the whole idea was great as I sometimes try to think back as to how I felt back when I was in sixth grade.”  

“We had a quiz of that particular day,” continued Therrien, “and I had given Stacy a study guide the day before to give her a bit of a heads up on what we were covering on the quiz. Although the material was not difficult, I did not expect Stacy to do well because, let's face it, we don't remember much of what we learned in math class as a 6th grader!  She said her son helped her prepare and she was ready; receiving a perfect grade!"

“Shadowing a student is something I have wanted to do for a few years now,” shared Monette.  “It was an excellent experience viewing the middle school through the lens of one of my students.  It is amazing to me how quickly we forget the daily routines of a middle school student and how busy their days are.  I was surprised at how much their brains shift gears from period to period and subject to subject.”

“I had so much fun with Mrs. Monette on the day she was shadowing me,” commented Londraville when asked about the experience. “I really enjoyed having her by my side, experiencing a day in the life of a 6th grader at Baird Middle School. I hope she had fun being an 11 year old again.  Thanks for the great day Mrs. Monette. You rocked sixth grade!”

Photo credits: Mrs. Monette

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