6th Grader Torcato Zina Competes at the Massachusetts Geographic Bee
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Wednesday, April 05, 2017
Congratulations Torcato!
Congratulations Torcato!

On Friday March 31st one hundred students representing schools throughout Massachusetts, in grades 4 through 8, participated in the Massachusetts State Geographic Bee at the Elms College in Chicopee. This is the second consecutive year that the Massachusetts Geographic Alliance has held the Geographic Bee at Elms College, which is now in its 29th year.

Mrs. Laura O’Keefe, the Social Studies Chairperson and the official coordinator for the Geo Bee at Baird Middle School explained that following the initial school wide contest in January, 6th grader, Torcato Zina, won the honor of school champion and the opportunity to take the online geography exam, which qualified him to compete at the state level competition.

O’Keefe explained that the preliminary rounds took place in the morning, with the final round, which was open to the public, being held in the afternoon. She added that a number of free geography-related activities were also available on campus prior to the final round. Torcato had many supporters cheering him on, including his parents, grandparents, Mrs. Russo, his social studies teacher, as well as Mrs. O’Keefe.

O’Keefe was proud to report, “Torcato competed against ninety-nine contestants from across Massachusetts and he only answered one question incorrectly all morning. Unfortunately, one wrong answer means disqualification, so he didn't make the top 10, but he came close! We are all very proud of him and this remarkable accomplishment!”

“I had a great experience at the Massachusetts state geography bee,” shared Torcato.  “It was so humbling and amazing to be in the top 100 geography students in the state.  There were many activities, including a giant, blow up globe, which I thought was very cool.  I thank everyone who helped me get here.”

How would you fare answering some of the questions posed to students during the school level competition this year? I prefer to keep my results private!

  1. The North Platte and South Platte Rivers meet in which state—New Mexico or Nebraska?

  2. Which landmark in Washington, D.C., was burned by the British in 1814—the Washington Monument or the White House?

  3. Sea otters sometimes wrap themselves in kelp when resting to keep from drifting away. Sea otters can be  found near eastern Russia in the Sea of Okhotsk in which ocean?

Answers- Nebraska, White House, Pacific Ocean

Photo Credits- Mrs. Laura O'Keefe

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