2nd Annual Career Fair Inspires Students
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Friday, April 28, 2017
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On April 28th, Baird Middle School held their 2nd Career Exploration Fair, allowing students the opportunity to investigate career possibilities by speaking with local professionals.  The is the 2nd year the fair was recommended, developed and organized by the BMS PTO. The fair provided students an opportunity to interact with career representatives from the community as they begin to develop an understanding of the knowledge and skill-sets required by specific careers.  

“This year the fair has doubled in size. We have approx 50 career representatives here today as students begin exploring their future career possibilities,” shared Mrs. Dawn Lamas, a member of the BMS PTO. “Our objective is to get the kids to ask questions and open their mind to options they didn't even realize existed.  They have general ideas of what they like but don't know if that translates into a career, this will hopefully give them ideas.”

BMS PTO member, Mrs. Susan Ayers, explained that the fair “complimented the goals of the BMS Guidance Department in that it assisted students with future goal setting, academic planning, and an understanding of self-interests.  Exploration of various careers is an essential way to demonstrate the relevance of education. It shines a light on why homework, tests, and ultimately degrees are of critical importance.”

Students were able to speak to a variety of professionals to learn specific details about careers in banking, law enforcement, health care, small business, engineering, cosmetology, criminal justice, etc.  Each professional shared the steps they took to arrive at their particular career choice, along with sharing responsibilities and benefits of their job; some also brought materials that helped to demonstrate their career.

Prior to attending the career fair, BMS Spanish teacher, Mrs. Melissa Kriebel, shared the story of her career path with her students, telling them to spend time asking questions and to keep an open mind to future career possibilities. “When I was in middle and high school, I wish I had spent more time thinking about my career, exploring different option and giving it more serious thought.”  

I worked very hard in college but I hadn’t really explored what I wanted to do,” continued Kriebel. “When it came time to pick a major, I selected Spanish because I liked it, was good at it, and knew someone would hire me if I was fluent. I spent seven years in the business field, and while I was successful, I didn’t enjoy it. After tutoring a friend’s son in Spanish I quickly realized that I had a passion for teaching, so I went back to school, received a master’s in Education and I have never looked back since. I enjoy coming to work every day and feel very fulfilled in my career as a Spanish teacher.”

8th grader, Antwone Webb said that the career fair was valuable, stating, “It’s a reminder that I need to do good in school or I might not get a good paying job in the future.”  Webb added that his career goal is to be a lawyer.

Grace Peltier, an 8th grader with career aspirations to be both a full time Neonatal Nurse and part-time dance instructor, shared, “It was helpful today to talk to people in the medical field.  I learned a lot of information about nursing and have a better idea of what the job is like and what courses I will need to get into college.”  

“The fair gave me the opportunity to see what different careers look like,” said 8th grader, Jade Bamford.  “It was interesting to see what education people needed for their jobs;  that will help me when I start making decisions about a career.”

“One of the primary areas of focus in education today is college and career readiness,” said Mrs. Mary Dobek, BMS Assistant Principal.  “The fair afforded students the opportunity to identify educational and personal requirements for potential careers, and to begin thinking about the actions they will need to consider to prepare for potential careers.”

 Below is a video montage of photos from the event.

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