October Class Meetings - I Am Strong
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Sunday, October 08, 2017
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Baird Middle School recently held their first class meetings where students celebrated this month’s theme- I Am Strong. BMS Principal, Stacy Monette, explained, “The ILT Team met in June last year and decided that this school year the focus of our school wide campaign would be - Who Am I? - so each month we will be highlighting different themes to tie into the campaign.”

Monette continued, “We decided to celebrate the theme, I Am Strong, this month because of the many challenges middle schoolers face on a daily basis that encompass the word strong- both academically and  socially.  It's sometimes difficult to navigate the many challenges that adolescents face and this hopefully is a reminder that each student is strong in their own way and in their own definition.”

Monette welcomes you to view the video below that was shown at each of the class meetings, highlighting students and staff sharing their perspective of what makes them strong.

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