2017 Halloween Band Bash- Ghoulishly Fun!
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Thank you Ms. Smith & Mr. McAvoy!
Thank you Ms. Smith & Mr. McAvoy!

The reviews are in, and the annual Halloween Band Bash held on October 25th was a ghoulishly fun night! A tradition dating back many years, the Ludlow Public Schools Band Students in Grades 6-12 have the opportunity to participate in this spooktacular extravaganza held at Ludlow High School.

Students wore amazing costumes to channel their Halloween spirit, while the LHS and BMS Band Directors arrived as none other than the Cat in the Hat and Waldo! School administrators had the daunting task of selecting winning costumes in several categories such as Scariest Costume, Most Creative Costume, Best Group Costume and Funniest Costume.   

Under the direction of Ms. Taryn Smith, the Baird Middle School had three performing groups. The Concert Band performed Creatures in the Attic by Brian Balmages. The Symphony Band performed Batman: Arkham City Selections by Michael Story and the Wind Ensemble performed Drums of Darkness by Larry Neeck.

The Ludlow High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Kevin McAvoy, performed Twilight Dance by William Ballenger and Music for a Darkened Theatre by Danny Elfman and arranged for band by Michael Brown.

Prior to the LHS band performance, members of the senior class  treated the audience to a devilishly fun Halloween skit complete with characters from tv and film.  The audience gasped as Waldo - otherwise known as Mr. McAvoy! - was captured, putting the performance at risk of not going on. But, with the assistance of two young and oh so brave volunteers from the audience, Waldo was freed, and the concert went on to the audience’s delight!  

Congratulations to all the performers and many thanks to Mr. McAvoy and Ms. Smith for their continued dedication to bringing such inspiring and fun musical experiences to the Ludlow Public Schools.

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