Travel Club 2nd Annual Holiday Carnival
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Friday, December 22, 2017
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The homework was hung in the lockers with care, 
With thoughts of vacation filling the air.
There were games to be played and cakes to be won,
And everyone quickly joined in on the fun!
There were movie screenings and many story readings,
Wrapping paper races and oh so many happy faces!
Principal Monette was even heard to say,
"I think I'm having more fun than anyone!"
Anna Babavol, Travel Club Adviser, that the Holiday Carnival is a fundraiser for the BMS Travle Club, which started last year. The carnival will runs on a ticket system, where each activity is paid for by tickets. Some of the activities include candy cane scavenger hunt, wrapping paper relay races, photo booth, BINGO and charades.  
"It's a crazy hour and a half but a lot of fun," said Babavol.
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