December Students of Character
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Thursday, January 11, 2018
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At the recent grade level class meetings BMS Principal, Stacy Monette, recognized several Students of Character, focusing on the school wide campaign - Who Am I?  This month the school celebrated the theme- I Am Selfless.

Congratulations to all students, nominated by staff (list below).  Monette explained that recipients received a special gold key recognizing various qualities such as - kind, generous, considerate, caring, understanding, etc.

 8th Grade Recipients

7th Grade Recipients

 6th Grade Recipients


Student Last Name Student First Name Grade Level
Chaplin Elena 6th
Cheria Sofia 6th
DeJesus Jasonlee 6th
Dinis Malina 6th
Freitas Alex 6th
Jaworski Evan 6th
LeClaire Olivia 6th
Longo Jake 6th
Mariani Brie 6th
Matarazzo Connor 6th
McClintock John 6th
Pirog Melia 6th
Silveira Ben 6th
Zachara Mary 6th
Alida Estrada Requena 7th
Ayers Maggie 7th
Clemons Justin 7th
Cocchi Sam 7th
Colson Julia 7th
Fernandes Isabella 7th
Fernandes Isabella 7th
Floyd Hallie 7th
Gauvin Kylie 7th
Lavigne Alexa 7th
Londraville Riley 7th
Lynch Andrew 7th
Nally Paige 7th
Nally Paige 7th
Ogorzalek Madelyn 7th
Showalter Abby 7th
Showalter Alexa-Ray 7th
Taberas Roniel 7th
Thompson Mia 7th
Walczak Lauren 7th
Auclair Trista 8th
Aussant Karley 8th
Colson Ryan 8th
Hewes Jada 8th
Housey Darius 8th
Ketchale Chloe 8th
Kubik Jill 8th
Kupuc Asli 8th
Park Hanna 8th
Piascik Victoria 8th
Proult Hunter 8th
Provost Angelina 8th
Ribeiro Sofia 8th
Rys Aislinn 8th
Vermette Avery 8th
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