January Students of Character
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Saturday, February 10, 2018
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At the recent grade level class meetings BMS Principal, Stacy Monette, recognized several Students of Character, focusing on the school wide campaign - Who Am I?  This month the school celebrated the theme- I Am Reflective.

Congratulations to all students, nominated by staff (list below).  Monette explained that recipients received a special gold key recognizing various qualities such as - thoughtful, compassionate, sincere, honest, conscientious, etc.

Grade 8 Recipients

Grade 7 Recipients

Grade 6 Recipients

Student Last Name Student First Name Grade Level
Coelho Niko 6th
Emco Anthonie 6th
Gagnon Rhea 6th
Goncalves Anthony 6th
Kravig Sydney 6th
Leiper Dana 6th
Machado Gabriela 6th
Ozdemir Eda 6th
Roberge Elizabeth 6th
Sanderson Riley 6th
Santos-Nadaud Tabetha 6th
Saraiva Brianna 6th
Shea Anthony 6th
Smyth Keely 6th
Soja Marina 6th
Thibault Tricia 6th
Valadas Julia 6th
Weigel Emily 6th
Albright Jetta 7th
Auclair Shelbey 7th
Bauer Zane 7th
Berthiaume-Denette Lilyana 7th
Bousquet Mercedez 7th
Bradway Mia 7th
Brouilette Evan 7th
Brown Cameron 7th
Cabey Ryley 7th
Carlson Chevy 7th
Cocchi Sam 7th
Costa Michael 7th
Cruz Abigail 7th
Dionne Alexander 7th
Fairthorne Dru 7th
Goncalves Antonio 7th
Goodwin Jacob 7th
Grenier Tatum 7th
Iwaniec India 7th
Karaarslan Emre 7th
Keating Ashlyn 7th
Lariviere Kiley 7th
Leary Aidan 7th
Little Aaron 7th
Lynch Andrew 7th
Marques Marissa 7th
Mateus Julia 7th
Mendez Lizette 7th
Mendez Matthew 7th
Quiterio Ashley 7th
Ramos Charelee 7th
Reed William 7th
Sanchez Jeni 7th
Sanderson Max 7th
Small McKenzie 7th
Smith Drew 7th
Sotiropoulos Laura 7th
Walsh Taylor 7th
Barroso Sabrina 8th
Bates Joseph 8th
Calabrese Nathan 8th
DaCruz Megan 8th
Ferreira Catarina 8th
Freitas Anasandra 8th
Germain Sydnie 8th
Goncalves Liliana 8th
Kovalski Abbigail 8th
Morgado Jessica 8th
Morin Luke 8th
Nathan Calabrese 8th
Patenaude Lindsay 8th
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