BMS & LHS student/musicians participate in the Quabbin Valley Junior/Senior Music Educators Association Music Festival
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Tuesday, February 13, 2018
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Both the Baird Middle School and Ludlow High School band and chorus programs sent members from their ensembles to represent Ludlow Public Schools at the 46th Annual Quabbin Valley Junior/Senior Music Educators Association Music Festival. The QVMEA is an annual music event that provides an opportunity for high school and middle school musicians from 26 schools in the Quabbin Valley to work together to perform repertoire that was chosen to both challenge and inspire them.

The festival is comprised of four ensembles;  middle school choir, middle school concert band, high school concert chorus and high school symphonic band.  All students chosen to participate in this concert either expressed an interest in participating or were first recommended by their ensemble directors:  Kevin McAvoy- LHS band, Daniel Henry- LHS chorus, Taryn Smith- BMS band and Anita Anderson-Cooper- BMS chorus.  

All students, from each of the 26 schools, worked together preparing music over three days (for a total of 13 hours) before presenting the final culminating concert on February 3, 2018 at Palmer High School.

Of the experience, 8th grade chorus student, Cas Andle, commented,"It was really fun, and I would want to do it again.”

Elizabeth Pereira, also an 8th grade member of the chorus, agreed with Andle, adding, "It was great to meet new people and become musically one, with them."

 “The work ethic and dedication of our students to learn, and then perform this music after just a few rehearsals was spectacular,” shared Smith.  “The time the students spent learning each individual part on their own, surely is a testament to their commitment to music.”

“The high school students in both the band and the chorus really enjoyed the music and this year’s conductors,” commented McAvoy. “Both conductors -Matthew Cunningham (chorus) and John Hart, Jr. (band) - connected with the students very well, which, given the short amount of time they worked with the students, played a big part in their amazing performances.”

Congratulations to each of these dedicated students and their teachers on a wonderful performance. What a great representation of the Ludlow Public School students (list below).

 BMS Band & Chorus

LHS Band & Chorus

 BMS band

Ali Ayoub (trumpet, grade 7)

Gabrielle Gonsalves (alto saxophone, grade 7)

Michael Cassidy (flute, grade 8 )

Michael Ferrara (horn, grade 6 )

Katelyn Pereira (horn, grade 7 )

Not Pictured: Abigail Cruz (flute, grade 7 )

BMS chorus

Elizabeth Roberge (soprano, grade 6)

Elizabeth Pereira (alto, grade 8)

Cas Andle (alto, grade 8)

Aislinn Rys (soprano, grade 8)

LHS band

Erik Bastos (percussion, grade 12)

Aaron Harris (trumpet, grade 10)

Dan Valadas (tuba, grade 12)

Matt Tibbitts (percussion, grade 10)

Connor Brown (trumpet, grade 9)

Jessica Lauzon (oboe, grade 12)

Emily Mullin (bassoon, grade 11)

Gizzelle Abanador (alto saxophone, grade 10)

Leah Keating (clarinet, grade 9)

Celia Neveu (flute, grade 12)

Sara Koprek (clarinet, grade 12)

Catarina Ferreira (trumpet grade 11)

Karoline Szmyt (trumpet, grade 12)

LHS chorus

Nick Fortin (bass, grade 10)

Mackenzie O'Donnell (soprano, grade 10)

Shannon LaFleur (alto, grade 9)

Emma Mayou (alto, grade 12)

Hannah Bruso-Penkala (soprano, grade 12)

Emily Rua (soprano, grade 11)

Josh True (tenor, grade 11)


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